why eeg biomarkers?

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We are taking advantage of the brain evolutionary conserved electrical functions to measure a compound effect on disease-specific brain oscillations. Inspired by the state-of-the-art clinical research, our experts identify translational EEG-based biomarkers for drug discovery applications. This is what makes our approach unique.

Objective measures of investigational compound efficacy

As a tried and true method, EEG is routinely used in the clinical practice. It represents a direct window on brain function with high time resolution and great sensitivity. EEG-based, our Cue® technology measures neural activity in an objectiv and precise way, offering at the same time reproducibility of the results. Get deeper insight into the pharmacological efficacy of new CNS drug candidates with readouts that do not rely on behavioral analysis. Your Drug Efficacy, Now Revealed. Discover Cue®.

Robust statistics

Our full solution adresses one of the most critical aspects of current studies: Getting results with high statistical power. Crossover protocols, along with the high precision level offered by EEG, offer reproducibility and levels of significance that stand out, so you can easily decide on the next steps with your molecule.

Brain activity at subclinical thresholds

See what you couldn’t before. SynapCell’s monitoring methods of rodent brain activity provide information on subclinical thresholds, allowing scientists to study the prodromal phase of diseases. Our services make it possible for you to consider early diagnostic and neuroprotective strategies, by giving you significant information on disease processes that had remained unaccessible until now.


Translationally predictive

Our translational approach connects preclinical and clinical development phases. All experiments performed for you follow clinical protocols and include models that mirror human diseases. Therefore, the biomarkers identified can predict the impact your molecule may have through the different clinical phases.

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